Let's go for a Walk now!

Walk is the perfect way for you to generate a walk according to your free time. Enter your time, we do the rest. Discover monuments and other venues near you, share your walk with your friend and get back to where you started without delay.

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Walk is made for you

  • Set your time

    We know you are busy, that's why we only ask you how much free time you have.

  • Learn more

    You don't want to only discover monuments, you want to know more about them. We are aware and that's why you can read and edit information on every venue of your walk.

  • Share a Reaction

    You can share your thoughts on any walk once you finished it. You can even share the link of your walk to your friends!

Walk features running on an iPhone
  • A unique technology

    We make a unique technology to generate an optimized path for your walk.

  • Compose your walk

    You can compose your own walk by searching for a specific venue near you. Using Compose, Walk becomes an incredibly powerful tool for you to become a local guide!

  • Designed for you

    Walk has been designed for you only. While thinking of how Walk would work, we never stopped thinking of you and only you, because you are what Walk aspires to.

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Your questions, our answers

  • Is all of this free?

    It’s free for everyone, forever. We think that culture is the key for living a happy life, and the key to the kingdom of happiness must be free. Of course, we'll probably add functionalities that require more work and infrastructure and in that case, we will probably charge fees as an optional way to do more with Walk.

  • Where can I use Walk?

    The app is available both on Android and iOS. This means most of the smartphones out there are capable of running Walk, yay! Moreover, Walk is available in most countries around the world and works in most cities.

  • How does it work and is my data safe?

    Walk relies on multiple providers and uses a unique technology to sort monuments. We also have an algorithm to generate a path according to your preferences and all of this creates a walk, just for you!

  • What about the Walk team?

    Thanks for asking! Walk started by the idea of Joshua while he moved away in March 2017. It took few months before Samuel, a long-time friend of Joshua joined him in November 2017 to start this journey and build this app during the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. He is at the heart of how Walk works, the logic comes from Samuel. Then, Nour joined the Walk team by October 2018. She does all the communication part about Walk, if you send us a message, she will probably be the person answering, with love, to you!

  • How can I contact you?

    We can't wait to hear more from you! We have a Twitter account, a Facebook Page and an Instagram account. However, if you prefer a more conventional way, you can reach us by mail by clicking here!